Save MacRitchie Forest: 21. Music Video “Love Our MacRitchie Forest”

on 15th February 2014

Appeal to Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to re-route the proposed cross-island MRT line away from the MacRitchie forest – sign the petition HERE.

The song debut and radio interview of the “Love Our MacRitchie Forest” can be viewed HERE. The long awaited launch of the official music video, Love Our MacRitchie Forest, can be viewed below.

The DVD cover…

…screen grabs of the video – top row from left to right: singer and songwriter Lysa Aya, Teresa Guttensohn and Vilma D’Rozario with students in a field trip to the forest. The second row shows Children of Singapore Chorus performing.

The video points out the amazing, secretive and endangered wildlife of a rainforest paradise hidden in the city, like the baby Malayan Colugo or Flying Lemur (Cynocephalus variegates) shown below that roam this forest.

Join the chorus of voices urging the Singapore government to reconsider the alignment of the Cross Island MRT Line, which is proposed to run under the species-rich and fragile eco-systems of MacRitchie Forest in our Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

The image above shows the Children of Singapore Chorus walking across the bridge at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

This beautiful and poignant song, sung by Children of Singapore and Lysa Aya (below left) was written by Lysa Aya (singer and songwriter with Singaporean roots) and Itaal Shur, Grammy award winning composer and musician (below right).

The song for MacRitchie Forest was inspired by a milestone eco-art performance event called “Chained To Our Roots” (22 – 23 June 2013, Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park, Singapore), where the ‘Love Our MacRitchie Forest’ movement was launched LINK by Teresa Guttensohn (below left) and Vilma D’Rozario. The image below right is Inez Reihanz doing the song recording in the studio.

Note: All images except those of Lysa Aya, Itaal Shur and the screen grabs are by Vilma D’Rozario. Credits for the music project are as follows: Produced by: TERESA TEO GUTTENSOHN, VILMA D’ROZARIO (SINGAPORE), LYSA AYA (NYC); Composed by: LYSA AYA and ITAAL SHUR (NYC); Sung by: LYSA AYA (NYC), CHILDREN OF SINGAPORE AND INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS; Recorded at: ATLANTIC SOUND STUDIOS (NYC) and DREAMBOX STUDIOS (SINGAPORE); Produced by: ITAAL SHUR (NYC); Mixed by: EBER PINHEIRO (NYC); Directed by: LIVIA CHEIBUB (NYC); Edited by: LIVIA CHEIBUB (NYC); Lysa Aya Footage by: SHACHAR LANGLEV at Sundance, Utah, USA; NYC Studio Footage by: REID ARNSTEIN c/o PAUL HECK AND CO.; Special Thanks to: EBER PINHEIRO, ITAAL SHUR, JAY DENES, KWYN BADER, LIMORE SHUR, LIVIA CHEIBUB, LYDIA WONG, MICHAEL ROSSATO BENNETT, REID ARNSTEIN & PAUL HECK and SHACHAR LANGLEV for donating their time, talent and support (NYC) 
Special Thanks to: TIA ANDREA GUTTENSOHN and SIMRAN DUDLANI for Kid’s Choreography; Singapore Footage Directed by: TERRENCE NG, DREAMBOX STUDIOS (SINGAPORE); Additional Footage Shot by: TERESA TEO GUTTENSOHN and VILMA D’ROZARIO (SINGAPORE); Special thanks to all contributors of biodiversity videos. Full credits will be posted HERE.

Teresa Guttensohn & Dr Vilma D’Rozario
February 2014

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