LW Teo
on 16th April 2024
Female flower of Hura crepitans. The stigmatic plate is firm to the touch, toothed and red in colour. The ovary is a slight bulge at the base of the style. […]
Guest Author
on 13th April 2024

A pool has formed at a previous construction site along One North Crescent. In just about an hour, the following birds were seen: 1 – Pacific Swallow (about 10) 2 […]

Guest Author
on 11th April 2024

Recently I witnessed an aggressive behaviour of the Long-billed Corella (Cacatua tenuirostris) towards a Torresian Crow (Corvus orru). The Long-billed Corella was defending a piece of wood from the crow. […]

Guest Author
on 10th April 2024

An Orange-winged Leafcutter (Megachile atrata) spotted at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park on 17 March 2024. It was digging a burrow in the bank, which will be lined with cut pieces […]

Guest Author
on 9th April 2024

Recently I had the privilege to document the Life of the Brahminy Kite, Haliastur indus, family. Setting up a family in the wild is not easy! Firstly, selecting a well-concealed […]

Amar-Singh HSS
on 9th April 2024

The March 2024 issue of the Malaysian Bird Report is now available for download. There are field reports on anting behaviour in birds, the Bornean Frogmouth, prey taken by the […]

Guest Author
on 4th April 2024

On 27 Mar 2024, close to 6.30pm, I observed a family of 3 Buffy fish owls (Ketupa ketupu) on a tree branch at Pasir Ris Park. Thong Chow Ngian

Guest Author
on 1st April 2024

I observed on two occasions when two Large-billed crows (Corvus macrorhynchos) attacked a Buffy fish- owl (Ketupa ketupu) nest at Pasir Ris park on 22 and 24 Mar 2024. I […]

LW Teo
on 2nd March 2024
Aeonium sp. in full bloom. 20 August 2023 Photo attribute Wong Kais. […]
LW Teo
on 4th February 2024

The Hammerhead worm belongs to the Phylum Platyhelminthes, the flatworms. The flatworms have flat bodies to increase the surface area-volume ratio for oxygen exchange as they are characterised by the […]


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