Save MacRitchie Forest: 20. “Love MacRitchie Forest” song debut and radio interview

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Appeal to Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to re-route the proposed cross-island MRT line away from the MacRitchie forest – sign the petition HERE.

The above clip is the “Love Our MacRitchie Forest” song debut and radio interview aired on “Our Earth Our Future”, Wonderful World Music Network, Australia (91.4FM 3WBC), 6 Jan 2014.

“The song LOVE OUR MACRITCHIE FOREST is written by two celebs based in New York City – ITAAL SHUR who is a Grammy award winning composer, producer and musician (Itaal co-wrote song SMOOTH for SANTANA which sold 25 million albums), and LYSA AYA TRENIER, who is a singer and songwriter, and who is half Singaporean Chinese.

“Lysa is singing this song with many Singaporean kids and international friends. This MV project is an NYC-Singapore collaboration, coordinated by Teresa Teo Guttensohn and Dr Vilma D’Rozario from Singapore.

“We truly hope this international charity effort will spur Singaporeans to act to preserve our precious local biodiversity and our rich and priceless natural heritage.”

”love our macritchie forest“
verse 1

there’s a land of mystery its always been there waiting for you and me there’s a paradise in the heart of the city you can hear the birds singing melodies…singing

this is where i belong flowers bloom n rivers roam this is my sacred home in the forest is our song

chorus 1
open your heart, to what you feel under the stars we have all that we need open your heart, to what is real ́cause i don’t wanna say goodbye to you macritchie, macritchie.

kids ́ rap
banded leaf cute monkey
crimson sunbird sing in the tree
malayan colugo glide so high
flying lizard in the sky
mr pangolin looking at me
baby colugo and her mommy
i love you, you love me
singapura is so sweet
we got gold-ringed cat snake, lesser mousedeer
did you know we got a rainforest here
forest walking catfish, oh wow!
spotted tree frog right here right now!
we got musang and leopard cat
greater slow loris, naked bulldog bat
yellow-bellied puddle frog, big-eye whip snake
save macritchie before it ́s too late!

chorus 2
open your heart, to what you feel
under the stars we have all that we need
open your heart, to what is real
́cause I don ́t wanna say goodbye to you, macritchie..

ending – kids ́ rap
i don ́t mind
taking a longer ride
on the MRT for macritchie…(2X)

we don ́t mind
taking a longer ride
on the MRT
for macritchie…(1X)

i don ́t mind taking a longer ride
on the MRT for macritchie…(6X)


Teresa Teo Guttensohn & Dr Vilma D’Rozario
September 2013

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  1. James Connor

    As a young boy I was always playing with my friends who were the children of the rangers and other employees of McRitchie Reservoir. As I grew older I used to run around the different jungle paths that were there with the Hash House Harriers. I hope the Government leaves it as is. We also used to catch the thousands of guppies that were in abundance in the surrounding streams. Leave the forest alone as a lot of older Singaporeans still have wonderful memories or this place. I wonder if Major Lim Bo Seng’s monument is still there? I think a lot of us also took our girlfriends there for a smooch from time to time.

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