Save MacRitchie Forest: 6. Eco-performance

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“We are really sorry, but we neglected to say that only Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are allowed to attend the event “Chained to Our Roots”. This is in accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL FOR EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT AT SPEAKERS’ CORNER, HONG LIM PARK” – Message received from Vilma, 1619 hours 19th June 2013.

Teresa Teo-Guttensohn, a Singaporean eco-artist and Dr Vilma D’Rozario, together with their group of nature-loving friends will be part of an eco-performance where they will be chained to a tree for 24 hours at Hong Lim Park from 3pm 22nd to 3pm 23rd June 2013, to appeal for the Cross Island Mass Rapid Transit Line to be re-routed such that it will not run through our precious rainforest at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

“We have very little rainforest left in Singapore. Yet this rainforest holds some of the world’s most diverse and special tropical wildlife. This is our very own. Let’s keep this gift we have.

“Please join us as we chain ourselves to a tree at Hong Lim Park this Saturday 22nd June to make our appeal to save MacRitchie Forest. Details of our appeal is in the attached invitation below. Come at 3pm and picnic with like-minded friends. Chain yourself to our tree, too, if you wish! And don’t leave before you sign our petition.

“If you can’t join us on Saturday, and would like to act for our rainforest, please read this LINK and sign our petition to the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. It will only take you a few minutes, yet it will make a great difference. Together, we can make a difference! Please act now.”

Teresa Teo-Guttensohn & Dr Vilma D’Rozario
18th June 2013

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17 Responses

  1. Kim Mosabe

    It is idiotic to construct an MRT line across the Nature Reserve!
    “Humans do not own the Earth; they are only a small part of the planet’s biodiversity.”

  2. Am

    After I publicised this event, someone I knew said he would not support this cause, as this was “not an issue to be concerned with as the forest won’t be destroyed”. I find this highly disturbing.

  3. BESG

    URGENT. PLEASE READ the note at the top of the post regarding attendance – especially those carrying foreign passports. As to the comment above, the forest will not be destroyed but the ecosystem will be fragmented and polluted…

    • Am

      Some people don’t seem to think that “fragmenting and polluting” the ecosystem is an issue, which I find worrying. Must we be concerned only if the entire ecosystem is at risk of destruction?

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