Oriental Pied Hornbill brings home a bat…

Male Oriental Pied Hornbill with a bat (video grab).

“Private individuals are also joining in the effort to encourage Hornbills to proliferate in Singapore. One home owner has set up nest boxes in his trees in his garden, and a pair of Oriental Pied Hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris) has raised young there every season for the past five years.

Female Oriental Pied Hornbill in the nesting box (video grab).

“Besides enabling the fascinating process of courtship feeding and the sealing of the female into the nest box to be observed LINK, getting up close and personal also allowed the home owner to see what the Hornbills naturally ate. The male came home with a bat one day.

“Hornbills are omnivorous, and consume both fruits and small animals LINK. They are widely known to hunt down small birds, lizards and mice. Their consumption of bats has been noted by observers on Pulau Ubin. But this might be the first time that this has been recorded on video on mainland Singapore.”

Lee Chiu San
10th April 2019


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