Painting Dramatic Moments in Nature

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Mr Thong Chow Ngian is a regular contributor to BESGroup website. ‘Painting dramatic moments in Nature’ is his second solo painting exhibition. BESGroup has a great influence on the creation of his artworks, especially with the emphasis in observing, not only the beauty but the unique behavious of each species of birds and other wildlife.  These knowledge of individual species are captured on canvas and highlighted to the viewers at the exhibition.

Do come and visit this exhibition with your family and friends.


Exhibition dates

Dates: 25 August to 29 August 2022

Opening hours: 11am to 8pm daily

Exhibition Opening: 25 August, 8pm

Location: Visual Arts Centre

Address: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

Free admission for all


About this exhibition

Dramatic moments in nature are derived from a variety of factors ranging from the beauty and unique behaviours of birds and animals. Combine these with the right mood, light conditions, weather and suitable habitat, and they all become rich ingredients that contribute to creating a dramatic painting.

In this exhibition, I hope to share some of these special moments that are remarkable but lesser known, so that the viewer will be drawn into the unique and secret world of each species. Some of these dramatic moments I painted are; hunting scenes, social behaviours, preening displays, courtship rituals, nest building, territorial defence and raising the young.

I employ a photorealistic painting style to display the inherent beauty and drama of nature. The semi-transparent quality of the acrylic medium allows me to gradually build up numerous layers of paint onto the canvas that transforms the subject into a life-like image. Prior to the painting process, I spent many hours of field research and study sketches before laying paint on the canvas. During the painting process, I included fine details, such as texture and anatomical forms, direction of light, interesting postures of the subjects and these help to breathe life into the painting. The end result is a one-of-a-kind dramatic painting and probably seen for the first time in Singapore. As with all artists, I desire my paintings to elicit an emotional `Wow!’ response from the viewer.

Through my love of nature and the environment, I try to convey my passion in paintings so that the viewer can share the experiences I’ve had in Singapore and hope that this will translate into a keener interest in our natural history heritage.

Featured Artworks

Image 1: Chestnut winged cuckoo scanning the terrain.
Image 2: Target Practice. The painting shows a juvenile Black-winged Kite learning to hunt.
Image 3: Female Greater-painted Snipe defending territory.
Image 4.  Wildboar family picnic at Ubin.



Artist Contact details:

Mr Thong Chow Ngian

Mobile: 96838082

email  :




to find out more about Thong Chow Ngian’s first solo exhibition in May 2017.


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