Thong Chow Ngian’s solo art exhibition

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General view of the exhibition
General view of the exhibition

Singapore artist Thong Chow Ngian’s art exhibition on local wildlife was a great success HERE. The exhibition ran from 25-29 May 2017 with Mr Kenneth Er, CEO of National Parks Board as Guest of honour.

Opening night of the exhibition showing NParks CEO (left) with Chow Ngian (right)
Opening night of exhibition showing (in the foreground) NParks CEO Mr Kenneth Er (left) talking to Chow Ngian (right)

The paintings, many on birds, were influenced by the images posted in this website.

Visitors posing with CEO NParks and artist.
Visitors posing with CEO NParks and artist

The exhibition was a great success, attracting nature enthusiasts and others, many of whom ended up buying 50% of the paintings.

Visitors ate the opening night.
Visitors at the opening night

YC Wee
6th June 2017

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