Asian Glossy Starlings feast on fallen water apple fruits

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Wong Kais was in the vicinity of Xishan School, Singapore when he heard a cacophony of the shrill calls of Asian glossy starlings (Aplonis panayensis). He observed a lot of starlings feeding on the fruits of Syzygium aqueum. The fruits are also known as water apples or jambu air in Malay. Despite its name, the fruits do not taste like apples nor possess the texture of apples.  Instead, it has a light floral note and a slightly spongy texture but juicy nonetheless.

Photo 1. A row of water apple trees.
Photo 2. Close-up of the oppositely inserted leaves and marginal veins.
Photo 3. Ground littered with fallen water apple fruits which are classified as berries.
Photo 4. Side view of one of the fruits.
Photo 5. Latero-ventral view of the campanulate fruit.
Photo 6. Wide base of the campanulate or bell-shaped fruit.


Video 1. Asian glossy starlings feeding on water apple fruits on grass patch.

Video 2. Asian glossy starlings feeding on fallen water apples.

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All photos and videos © Wong Kais.

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