Asian Glossy Starlings preening and regurgitating seed

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It was a hot evening and as usual, the Asian Glossy Starlings (Aplonis panayensis), adults as well as juveniles, were stealing a bath from a nearby garden fountain LINK. After the bath the starlings flew to a nearby tree to vigorously preen their feathers and to scratch with their feet at areas where the bill cannot reach.

Juvenile Asian Glossy Starling regurgitating a seed and dropping a lump of poop (video grab).

It was a fascinating sight to see the wet birds with their wet black feathers clumped together vigorously preening and scratching. The bright red eyes against a jet-black plumage of the adult appeared on and off during the vigorous movements. Juveniles are greyish above and whitish below with brown streaks. Their eyes are also red but not as bright as in the adults.

Such activities usually lasted about two to three minutes before the starlings flew off, probably to their roosting trees.

Only when I was editing the videos did I notice a juvenile regurgitating a seed (at 2:06 and 3:37 minutes). In the latter case, the juvenile dropped a lump of poop before regurgitating the seed.

YC Wee
8th July 2018

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