Oriental Pied Hornbills eying fallen Spotted-wood Owlet

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“Being young is always vulnerable, even if you’re born into a raptors family”, wrote Linda Teh. When our Pasir Ris Spotted-wood Owlet (Strix seloputo) fell to the ground, 6 Oriental Pied Hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris) were eyeing it. They couldn’t make the attack because the owlet parents were around, giving the protection as reported by our Facebook: Bird, Insects N Creatures of Asia (BICA) members.”

Image by Linda Teh.

Added Clarinda Yap: “Once last year, during the time of the first Spotted-wood Owls’ two chicks episode, I saw a hornbill, a large male fly towards the chick. I was so scared, couldn’t snap any photos and watched the female owl did a flanking right turn to suddenly charge towards the male hornbill. The owl caught the hornbill by surprise just as the latter was about to fly towards the owl chick that was frozen with fear. The male hornbill immediately flew away, far away from the owl chick and its mama. All this while, when the hornbill first appeared, mama Spotted Wood-owl’s gular was fluttering non stop and the fear was evident in her eyes. She was terrified and took a risk with the flanking right turn to stun and frighten the large male hornbill away. Daddy spotted-owl was in a nearby tree watching all the action, knowing that he will have to take swift action against the male hornbill should mama spotted-owl not succeed in driving the hornbill away.”

Linda Teh & Clarinda Yap with Jeremiah Loei
15th July 2019

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