Pellet casting by non-raptorial birds

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The earlier posts on pellet casting by non-raptorial birds, together with their stunning images, have been consolidated and published as a scientific paper:

Wang, L. K., M. Chan, Y. M. Chan, G. C. Tan & Y. C. Wee, 2009. Pellet casting by non-raptorial birds of Singapore. Nature in Singapore 2: 97-106.

A PDF copy is available HERE.

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  1. […] The bird has a powerful digestive system that would dissolves most of the fish except some of the more indigestible bones, etc. that would be compacted in the crop and eventually cast out as a pellet. […]

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  3. […] paper published on pellet casting by non-raptorial birds can be viewed HERE. Included among the birds photographed casting pellets are two kingfishers – Common Kingfisher […]

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  5. […] cast pellets. But what is not well known is that many non-raptorial birds similarly cast pellets LINK. Besides kingfisher, another common bird casting pellets is bee-eater […]

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  8. […] casting of pellet by certain groups of birds is not too well known– see HERE for more information. After swallowing their prey, these birds regurgitate the indigestible parts […]


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