Yellow Bittern eating a damselfly

These February 2009 images by Chris Lee a.k.a. chrisli023 show a Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis) about to eat a damselfly.

The three images show the sequence of the damselfly being eaten. Hopefully, skeptics would be convinced that the bird did eat the insect. But then again, how do we know that it did not “spit” it our after? – except that in the literature, bitterns are reported to take terrestrial invertebrates.

This post is a cooperative effort between and BESG to bring the study of bird behaviour through photography to a wider audience.

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  1. Cheong Shu Min

    Dear Bird Ecology Study Group and Mr. Lee,

    I’m a 4th year student in NUS currently working on a species page for my module, Taxonomy and Systematics. I would like to request for permission to use your photo of for my species page. The page is part of an effort to compile a series of student-made species pages for flora and fauna found in Singapore.

    Thank you very much.

    Shu Min

    • YC

      Please contact the owner, Chris Lee aka chrisli023 via the website as that is how I communicated with him. However, I am not sure whether the website is still in operation.

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