Progress in the study of birdsounds

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It was Sutari Supari who pioneered the documentation of birdsounds more than a decade ago ending with an album of the more common birdsongs. There may be a newer edition to his collection but no progress beyond recording basic calls. … Continued

White-crested Laughingthrush having a very long laugh…

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Lena Chow’s video clip of the White-crested Laughingthrush (Garrulax leucolopus) having a very long laugh (above) complements Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS’s earlier audio recording of the calls of the Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush (Garrulax erythrocephalus peninsula) LINK.

Blue-winged Leafbird – adult male calls

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“There is very little information on the calls of the Blue-winged Leafbirds (Chloropsis cochinchinensis moluccensis) in my local context (left). I have previously posted calls but on this occasion had a very close encounter with a pair foraging with the … Continued