Common Kingfisher casting a pellet

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Allan Teo photographed a Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) in the act of casting a pellet after eating a freshwater prawn an hour ago (above). Having got rid of the indigestible exoskeleton that was compacted into a pellet in the gizzard, … Continued

Asian Koel regurgitates pellet

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“Whenever a fig tree is fruiting, it never fails to attract feeding birds. Many birds feed on figs including common birds like Asian Glossy Starlings (Aplonis panayensis ) and Pink-Neck Green Pigeons (Treron vernans), to less common birds like hornbills. … Continued

Green Bee-eater casting pellet

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Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe of Nagpur, India documented the casting of a pellet by a Green Bee-eater (Merops orientalis). He was at Jaikwadi Lake in Maharashtra on 9th January 2010 when he captured the sequential images of the casting. The bee-eater … Continued

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