Musk ducks relax on the sea, Victor Harbor

on 1st August 2023
A pair of musk ducks sleeping on the sea, Victor Harbor. 6 June 2023
Musk ducks swimming at Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor.

The weather had been wet and windy when Wong Kais arrived at Victor Harbor in May 2023. The water at Encounter Bay had seen beautiful waves wash in and locals had spent many days board paddling. On 6 June 2023 the winds stopped howling and water in the bay was calm and still. At 1250h he noticed two black blobs floating on the sea. Using his binoculars he identified them as musk ducks, Biziura lobata menziesi. He is unsure of their genders as male musk ducks are devoid of the large bill lobe outside of the breeding season.

Musk ducks are usually sighted in fresh water bodies where reeds are present to facilitate nesting.

3 musk ducks seen on the freshwater of Lake Pertobe. Note the reeds growing along the edge of the lake. 2 November 2022. Attribute Wong Kais.
Musk duck galore at Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool. 2 November 2022. Attribute Wong Kais.
Musk duck swimming at Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool. Its body sinks very low below the waterline. 26 March 2023. Attribute Wong Kais.
Energetic mother musk duck dives for aquatic plants to feed her duckling. 2 November 2022. Video attribute Wong Kais.

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