Journey of a pair of Crested Goshawk siblings

The Crested Goshawk, Accipiter trivirgatus, has been established residents of Pasir Ris Park, Singapore for some years now.  They build their nests of twigs high  up in the trees. A regular visitor to the park, Derek Yeo has been documenting these bird denizens and  amassed plenty of video footages and photographs.  He has painstakingly pieced many of these digital treasures into captivating videos on You-tube. Derek documented the birds feeding on rodents like rats, squirrels, jungle fowl chicks, bats, coppersmith barbets, mynahs and changeable lizards. His awesome narration and informative tidbits will enthrall viewers.

View the You-tube videos below and learn more about the journey Mel and Ginger undertook from hatching to achieving  independence.

Screengrab of Mel(left) and Ginger(right) taken from You-tube video by Derek Yeo. Pasir Ris Park, Singapore. January 2022.

Video 1: Footages of the parents mating ( July 2021), egg incubation, processing preys to feed the hungry chicks, parent-chick bonding moments and tender moments shared by the parent birds.

Video 2: This video is a first person account by Mel relating to the juveniles learning to fly, dangers posed by crows and hornbills  and the varied diet the parents bring to the growing youngsters.

Video 3: Derek Yeo shows beautiful footages of the juvenile Crested Goshawks learning to be independent, including their comical failures and playful antics.


BESGroup thanks Derek Yeo for his generosity in sharing his work on our platform.


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