White-bellied sea eagle nest

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Photo 1: Parent bird tearing off tiny morsels to feed the chicks. Courtesy Andy Chew. 14 June 2022.


Photo 2: The two chicks waiting patiently and expectantly for parent bird to feed them. Courtesy Andy Chew. 14 June 2022.


Photo 3: One of the white-bellied sea eagle chicks calling to be fed. Courtesy Andy Chew. 14 June 2022.


Photo 4: One of the chicks exercising and strengthening its flight muscles. Courtesy Andy Chew. 14 June 2022.


I brought some students to Fort Canning Park to have a look at the White-bellied Sea Eagle’s (Haliaeetus leucogaster) nest. There are two chicks in there and here are some photos of them with one of their parents.
They were feasting on this fish which the parent brought back. Big and yummy, I suppose!
Andy Chew
14 June 2022

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  1. Adrian Chan

    I notice that whenever there is an eagle flying around, all the crows would flock towards it.
    What are the reasons for this behaviour?
    Is it because the crows look upon the eagle as their “chief” or “deity”?

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