Kopi Luwak, also known as “The best shit on earth”

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Photo by Ruchira Somaweera.

“Tied up inside a tiny cage, this Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) will spend the rest of its life eating coffee cherries and pooping out seeds because somewhere down the track, someone thought that this process makes the coffee tastes better. #KopiLuwak is among the most expensive coffees in the world now. On the other hand hundreds and thousands of civets are been force-fed with coffee in battery cage systems across SE Asia to supply this lucrative market. Next time you are on holidays in Bali, think twice before you support this inhumane industry. “

Ruchira Somaweera
In Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
21st March 2019

Image courtesy of Project LUWAK Singapore.
We at BESG, support Project LUWAK Singapore’s three objectives:

1. Raise awareness among coffee retailers and consumers in Singapore about the cruelty behind kopi luwak.
2. Encourage consumers to not drink/purchase kopi luwak.
Encourage companies (cafes/retailers/suppliers/roasters) in Singapore to not sell or endorse kopi luwak that includes encouraging coffee establishments to have a closer look at where they get their coffee from. Who supplies their beans? Where does it come from? Does it inadvertently support the kopi luwak trade (e.g. their supplier sells them regular coffee beans but may be using the income to dabble in kopi luwak)?

We suggest that those who yearn to try this coffee, to please try instead THIS PRODUCT that does not harm our wildlife.

YC Wee
30th March 2019

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