Canada Goose’s aggression

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Image by Mrs Cheng.

“My friend, Mrs Cheng, who lives in Vancouver has had a regular pair of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) visiting her balcony for the last 3-4 years

Image by Mrs Cheng.

“This year, another goose came along and the photo below shows the resident geese in aggression mode.”

Image by Mrs Cheng.

Dr Jean Ho & Mrs Cheng
15th March 2019

Note: According to Wikipedia “Extremely successful at living in human-altered areas, Canada geese have proven able to establish breeding colonies in urban and cultivated areas, which provide food and few natural predators. The success of this common park species has led to its often being considered a pest species because of their depredation of crops and their noise, droppings, aggressive territorial behavior, and habit of begging for food (caused by human hand feeding).”

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