Zebra Dove: Adult male, female and juvenile

An adult male Zebra Dove flanked by two recently fledged juveniles.

Adult Zebra Doves (Geopelia striata) have their upperparts, neck and sides of breast boldly barred black. The central portion of the breast is unbarred and has the colour of red wine. Lower down the belly the breast is whitish.

Adult female with a juvenile waiting to be fed.

According to Gibbs et al. (2001), the adult female is slightly different from the male in the central portion of the breast in that it is narrower.

Adult female Zebra Dove.

The juvenile has it’s the barring right across the breast and extending upwards onto the crown and nape.

Juvenile Zebra Dove.

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YC Wee
26th April 2018

Gibbs, D., Barnes, E. & Cox, J. (2001). Pigeons and doves: A guide to the pigeons and doves of the world. Sussex: Pica Press. 615 pp.

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