© Photographic Record – Juvenile Blue-winged Pitta stays in Penang, Malaysia

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PittaBW [DaisyO'Neill]

“This year, 2017 is a defining year for Blue-winged Pittas’ (Pitta moluccensis) presence in Northern Peninsular Malaysia.

“Field monitoring confirmed; successful fledglings stayed around their breeding habitat until full completion of their post natal moult at approx. 7-8 weeks of age.

“Juveniles that fledged late – about August onwards risked being left behind by parents, when their time arrived to migrate… end August.

“This is JSparrow – first spotted in 18th August, left behind (top).

“This juvenile bird is still around at time of writing.

“She has evolved into a gorgeous juvenile of fresh, new coat of feathering with option to extend summer holidays in Penang, P. Malaysia.

“Let JSparrow be Avian Writer’s mascot bird to introduce 2017 B-W Pitta Series of articles to the reading audience.

“Be mesmerised by the wits, endurance these secretive birds had chosen to stay in the Northern Malaysian forests – through documentation and many photographic images BESG’s administrator soon be posting.

“Stay tuned…”

Avian Writer Daisy O’Neill
Penang Malaysia
17th October 2017

Copyright article and copy image – Courtesy of Daisy O’Neill Bird Conservation Fund


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