Myna strangled by fishing line at Lower Peirce

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“I was taking a walk at Lower Peirce this morning when I encountered a myna strangled by a fishing line hanging on a Birdnest Fern (Asplenium nidus) growing on the branch of a Rain Tree (Samanea saman) at the car park.

“The myna was removed by a long pruner and we found there was a fishing line tied around it’s neck.

“I sent the photos to Ria Tan and she advised me to send it to you.”

Derek Liew
17th December 2014

NOTE: This is not the first and will not be the last of birds getting strangled by carelessly discarded fishing lines. We had appealed to recreational fishing enthusiasts to bring home their used lines and dispose of them properly. Such irresponsible behaviour causes damage to out fragile biodiversity.

Past instances are listed below. We are sure there were more that went unreported:

Javan Myna HERE.
Owl and heron HERE.
White-throated Kingfisher HERE.
Oriental Pied Hornbill HERE and HERE.

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