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“The male Banded Skimmer (Pseudothemis jorina, Libellulidae) is a dashing dragonfly which is predominantly black all over, with a contrasting white ‘waistband’ on its abdomen (above).

“If you come face to face with this dragonfly, its prominent white ‘nose’ and ‘lips’ are most adorable (above).

“It is not often that we find males perched, as they have a habit of constantly cruising over long stretches along the banks of large ponds. Their constant patrolling is a reflection of how territorial they can be.

“Video clips of the male (patrolling and perched) may be previewed below:

“Another important reason for conducting frequent aerial patrols is that the males can increase their chances of hooking up with females. In early October 2014, I witnessed a few mid-air ‘collisions’, when the receptive female presented herself to a diligent male. Mating in wheel position is performed on the wing and only lasts a few seconds.

“Shortly after mating, the female selects a semi-submerged stem or branch that is just floating at the water surface. She then flies in a series of repeated loops to deposit her eggs (oviposit) upon the film of water over the chosen substrate.

“Video clips of the female ovipositing (in actual speed) may be previewed below:

“Video clips of the female ovipositing (in slow motion) may be previewed below:”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
13th December 2014

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