Shameful slaughter of a Great Hornbill

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The image above (right), taken from of the blog MONGABAY.COM, shows five Malaysian soldiers posing proudly with a Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis) they had earlier slaughtered.

We were alerted to the post by birder Daisy O’Neill of Penang, Malaysia. Apparently the photograph appeared last year in Facebook but only posted in the above blog on 27th February 2011.

According to Daisy, the Malaysian daily Star Publication of 4th April 2011 reported that the soldiers concerned had since been suspended. Singapore’s Straits Times picked up the story and published it on 6th April (above left). The soldiers’ excuse was that the hornbill was injured and they killed it to end its misery.

The Great Hornbill is protected in Malaysia and this has angered local conservation groups, especially the Malaysian Nature Society.

“If you love these birds and would like your children, grandchildren down the line and friends to get a chance to see what these gorgeous birds look like in the wild Malaysian forests, you would be educating and creating the awareness of avian conservation to pass the message around and shame such acts of pathetic ignorance,” wrote Daisy.

Obviously the soldiers need serious counseling.

Daisy O’Neill
April 2011


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  1. Has been extensively discussed among the bird watching group in Perak since it was discovered in mid March. Actions have been taken to complain, hence it appearance in the press. A number of newspapers have carried news, some on the front page. Nature NGOs have lodge complaints. Authorities informed. Army staff involved suspended pending inquiry.

  2. This is wicked. I hope these 4 soldiers receive their deserved punishment & a huge fine for killing this protected hornbill. What you think hah, suma boleh play play meh?

  3. The soldiers attached to the Belum-Temengor Forest Reserve duties were supposedly to protect the borders and its the endangered wildlife. But their actions of posing and smiling with the poor bird shows poor judgement and lack of compassion on their part. (whether they are proven innocent or not)

  4. Alex Ong (eX.A.K.R.)

    This just proves my theory that the sole function of a military is to commit wanton murder on every living creatures, humans and animals, and nothing else.

    How can you protect and save wildlife when you assign people who have been trained to kill in the most cold-blooded, effective way possible, and whose main job description is to murder and maim people through war, to the job? This is akin to having your home guarded by a serial burglar.

    They should not have censored those faces either. Name them and shame them publicly.


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