I and the Bird #89

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Welcome to Singapore, the venue of the 89th Meeting of “I and the Bird”. This is an auspicious occasion as it marks the first time members are meeting in Asia. We hope all of you will stay around for the post-conference tours to experience our avian biodiversity.

We apologise to members for our inability to host the 85th meeting. The local venue was forcibly shut down about a week before the meeting was scheduled. Apparently, the high traffic arriving at BESG was said to be causing serious disruptions to the general traffic. So there was a massive traffic jam. We were back in business on the same day the meeting opened in the US – thanks to 100,000 Birds for agreeing to host the meeting at the very last moment.

The current three-day meeting will see a diverse of papers presented on various subjects on birds and their relationship to people. Each participant will be given 15 minutes to present his or her paper after which there will be a short discussion. At the end of the presentations, there will be a general discussion.

SESSION 1: Why do birds do what they do?

1. Ambika of Madras Ramblings, India: The Pulicat Dance Troupe.

2. GrrlScientist of Living the Scientific Life, US: Singing in Slow Motion.

3. Amber of Birder’s Lounge, US: Pelicans at Play.

4. Karen of Morningjoy’s Weblog, US: Tricoloured Heron and its Nesting Behaviour.

5. Tabib of Birding Blog, Malaysia: Coppersmith Barbet’s Courtship and Mating.

6. Duncan of Ben Cruachan, Australia: The Sea Eagle’s Nest.

7. Larry of The Birder’s Report, US: Barn Owls.

8. Tony of TyTo Tony, Australia: Eagle-eyes Needs Beagle Nose.

SESSION 2: Why do birds come and go when they do?

1. Tippytommy of My Birding Blogs, Australia: Nordmann’s Greenshanks.

2. Gloria of Glorious Birds, Singapore: Sighting of an Oriental Honey Buzzard.

3. Beverly of Rural Chatter, US: The Gray Jays.

4. The Ridger of The Greenbelt, US: Staying Very Late.

5. Jeff of Ecobirder, US: Pied-billed Grebe.

6. Pete of My New Photoblog, New Zealand: Great White Pelican at Khijadiya.

7. Jeffrey of Birds and More, in Delaware and Elsewhere, US: Cave Swallows, at last!.

SESSION 3: Why do birders do what they do?

1. Liza of egretsnest, US: Another Fun Day Birding.

2. James of The Wingbeat, US: Ghana.

3. Amila of Gallicissa, Sri Lanka: Sticky Matters

4. Bob of Two Birders To Go, US: Phantom of Shoelace.

5. Rick of Aimophila Adventures, US: Birding in Yecoral.

6. Christopher of Picus Blog, US: Cool Sunday Ducks.

7. Will of The Nightjar, US: Snowy Owl Rescue.

8. Mike of 10,000 Birds, US: Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival.

9. Nathan of The Drinking Bird, US: For Every Action….

10. Patrick of The Hawk Owl’s Nest, US: Chilly NY birding.

A total of 25 participants, of which 17 comes from the US, three from Australia, and one each from India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Obviously we need to get more participants from outside the US.

Should we keep the conference small and thus easy to manage or enlarge it? If the latter, how do we encourage more bird bloggers from outside the US to participate.

YC Wee
26th November 2008

12 Responses

  1. Beverly

    Please let me be the first to say Thank You to the wonderful hosts at BESG. Not only were they gracious and absolutely delightful, but they were well organized with their Conference, they ensured I knew my way around their grounds the day before the three-day meeting. It was a pleasure to meet them, as well as so many of my colleagues from all over the world, who had so much to offer on such interesting topics.

    Thank you all,

  2. I and the Bird #89

    […] The Bird Ecology Study Group has been an acting bird club extension of the Nature Society (Singapore) since September 2005. Since that time, they’ve produced the finest group birding blog on the planet, bar none. Much of that credit must go to Y C Wee, BESGroup Founder, Coordinator, and Administrator. He has forged a truly remarkable website from the raw material every bird club has in abundance yet takes for granted. Thanks to his commitment, the BESGroup blog has published the sightings, observations, photos, and comments of over 150 ornithologists, twitchers, and casual birders from Southeast Asia and beyond. And it’s all sensational! This week, Y C further establishes this site as the undisputed king of all bird club blogs on Earth by hosting a special Singapore symposium edition of I and the Bird #89. […]

  3. Gim Cheong

    I’m sorry for my ignorance, but I can’t seem to find the important information – where is the venue of this 3-day meeting? What are the dates? What are the timings?

  4. YC

    It is a blog carnival, a virtual affair. A group of bloggers get together with one hosting and weaving a story around the participants’ submissions. It is up to the host to choose the theme, in this case, a scientific meeting.

    The idea of the carnival is to make people aware of the existence of your blog, and in this way, increase hits.

  5. Ash

    Hi YC,

    Can you keep us inform of such events in advance?
    And how can we participate in this virtual program.

    Congrats to yr achievement & efforts.


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