BESG 2018: The year in review

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At midnight 31st December 2018, the visitor indicator of the BESG website recorded a total of 18,787,491 visits. This translates to 3,926,139 visits for the year under review – see last year report HERE. We maintained our tradition of posting … Continued

BESG 2017: The year in review

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At the stroke of midnight that ended the year 2017, the visitor statistics of the BESG website showed a total of 14,861,352 visits. This translates to 3,671,276 visits for the year under review. We managed to maintain our previous record … Continued

Down memory lane: Anting

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Anting is a common behavior among passerine birds. These birds allow ants to crawl around their plumage to reach the skin (above, below) or actively crush ants and place them on their feathers. The purpose is to encourage the ants … Continued

BESG 2016: The year in review

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For the year 2016, we managed to maintain our record of posting one article a day. Birds remained our main focus, with 70% of postings on bird behavior. Of these, contributor Ang Siew Siew made a most interesting documentation of … Continued

BESG hits 10 million visitors

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I am not sure whether anyone noticed that the overall visits to the Bird Ecology Study Group website clocked 10 million on 4th September 2016 – 10,001,044 to be exact (left). Yes, we had more than 10 million visitors visiting … Continued

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