Avian Kama & Sutrajee

“When article ‘An Uncouth Avian Cowboy Comes to Town’ was posted last February (see HERE), I least expected my good fortune to again witnessed another act of copulation by a pair of uncouth Coppersmith Barbets (Megalaima haemacephala), Kama and Sutrajee, who seemed to love kamasutric performances in an open-air auditorium.

“The stage scene was by no means in a romantic perfumed garden or near any golden lotus ponds, but a far cry up on an old skeletal tree branch, across a brackish river for the world to see. The familiar calls of tok! tok! tok! like a working coppersmith sent my head turned, just in time to witness Kama flying in with a beakfull of berries to the awaiting Sutrajee.

“The stage was set for Act 1, Scene 1 of an early matinee side show.


“The two groups of images above and below are to be viewed from top-left clockwise – a sequence showing the art of Avian KamaSutra.


“Potentially, this is what an Avian Kamasutra’s erotic literature may read like – my excerpts written below to add another new dimension in avian writing.

“’Like an angel of the morning, Kama flew in, bearing gifts of berries for fair exchange of an equal number of sensual bonks. Disguised to look like macho Batman, baring his ribby chest, the rogue pumped his seeds of essence into Sutragee, sending her swooning in the warmth of his feathery wings, in ecstasy and screaming for more…. Ohh…. more! for those balmy berries.

In that split few seconds of sensual delight, the aura of warm, white light that surrounded Kama glowed …. only to disappear like magic. Having spent his seeds, they became strangers before the night went cold… …..’

“Mmmm… now cut the chase and back to the real.

“It was observed no berries were offered to Sutrajee until after copulation took place – a universal condition that Coppersmith Barbets seemed to have become known for their classical rogue behaviours.

“The 11cm Kama seemed to be able to count the number of berries offered. Images showed more than two berries. I stayed long enough to see the return of the Shylock for Act 2 Scene 1.


“It is also known to observe frugivorous females whose expectations fall short of what males could best deliver or be felt exploited for whatever reasons, would discreetly play foul and expel the sperms like a quick Chinese spit. To discard bad seeds so to speak (above)!


“The sulking of Sutrajee said it all (left). I would not dare to intervene in a lover’s quarrel.

“This is my 32nd contributed article and will be my last for this season of birds of Malaysia for now until after my vacation.

Pray well and let the iron bird flies me across oceans, chase rainbows and bring back stories of Aves from the Land of the Southern Cross to delight.

“Until then…”

Note: Most images were taken by digiscopy at long distance shots of no less than 60 feet away against a morning sky. While some are quite satisfactory to show, others had to be photo-shopped to death).


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