Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

Amar-Singh HSS
on 4th July 2023

A colleague was kind to inform me about nesting Sunda Pygmy Woodpeckers Yungipicus moluccensis at the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Perak, Malaysia. I managed to visit on one occasion, 1 […]

LW Teo
on 12th January 2022

Wong Kais heard a very noisy bird on a sweet sop (Annona squamosa) tree. As he followed the noise, he saw two Sunda pygmy woodpeckers in between the foliage. One […]

YC Wee
on 28th May 2019

Tan Tze Siong’s documented a Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) attacking a Painted Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis pictus). The snake was moving up the tree trunk towards the woodpecker’s nest. It came […]

YC Wee
on 20th October 2018

Last week, Loke Peng Fai’s documented of a Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) feeding on some insects at Satay by the Bay. On close examination the insects appear to be […]

YC Wee
on 22nd September 2018

Jeremiah Loei’s video clip shows a recently fledged Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) chick clinging to the vegetation where it landed after leaving its nest. The chick appears vulnerable. A […]

YC Wee
on 19th December 2016

“Was teaching at this coastal city today and took time off to visit the mangrove forest. “Met a female Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker, also known as Brown-capped Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) (top, […]

YC Wee
on 9th April 2014

“About a week ago I was in my condo looking at Climbing Fig (Ficus pumila) (still in juvenile form) which was creeping up a Wild Cinnamon (Cinnamomum iners). Then I […]

YC Wee
on 29th July 2013

On the morning of 7th July 2013, Jeremiah Loei documented a male Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) perching on a bare branch vigorously preening himself. At the same time he […]

YC Wee
on 10th May 2013

Samson Tan’s video clip above shows a Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) foraging along a bamboo culm, pecking vigorously on it to locate insect grubs living inside LINK. The video […]

YC Wee
on 24th March 2013

In March 2013, Samson Tan photographed a Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker (Dendrocopos moluccensis) collecting nectar from the flowers of an Erythrina sp. (Not sure of the species but the stem appears […]


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