Red Junglefowl chicks jump across drain…

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Video grab.

MeiLin Khoo’s October 2019 video shows how an adult female Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) jumps over a wide drain thus encouraging her three chicks to follow suit.

This led Jeremiah Loei to comment: “So life skills are parental taught in the animal kingdom?”

Video grab.

YC Wee responded: “The recently fledged chick sticks to the adults for a certain number of days during which the former is taught how to find food, how to recognise and avoid predators, etc. This is why you should not pick up a helpless looking chick that crashed to the ground during its first flight and bring it home to care LINK. We are not able to teach the “rescued” chick “life skills” and when it is ready to fly off, it becomes easy target for predators.

For more of the Red Junglefowl’s fledging moments, see HERE and HERE.

MeiLin Khoo (video), Jeremiah Loei & YC Wee (comment)
20th October 2019


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