Adult myna bird abandoned disturbed nest with chick

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“Whilst repairing my roof, a myna bird’s nest with a baby bird was brought down and I relocated it at a high place away from the rain. Seemed the mother came back and abandoned the nest. Mynas are indeed fussy birds.”

Allan Teo
18th May 2019

NOTE: We would expect the adults to locate the displaced nest and care for the chicks. However, could the nest in a new location confuse the adults? Views from readers are welcome…

  1. Subaraj Rajathurai

    Most birds, not just mynas, will abandon nest and chick if there is human scent. That is why it is advisable to use gloves or a cloth when reinstating a fallen chick back into a nest and why no nest should be touched by us.

    To relocate a myna nest from a roof (normal location) to a tree (not a normal myna location)…..abandonment was almost certain to happen.

    Best to seek advise before doing anything.

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