Upland Pipit taking off…

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The Upland Pipit (Anthus sylanus) is a poorly known mountain species found between 1,200 m and 3,000 m in the Himalayas and south China. It is usually seen along steep, boulder-strewn slopes covered with low vegetation. During non-breeding periods it moves to lower altitudes.

These Upland Pipits take off with open wings, as is normal. Subsequently, as seen in the images above and below, a peculiar bunching of the secondaries and some tertials(?) is seen, during display through to landing. This was observed during more than one sorties.

Not sure whether this is confined to this particular specimen or practiced by all Upland Pipits. And whether similar pattern is observed among other pipits or even other species?

This was observed at Cheer Pheasant Point, Vinayak, Pangot, Himachal Pradesh, India on 1st May 2017

Comments are welcome.

Shyam Ghate
Mumbai, India
30th July 2018


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