My encounter with two Black-naped Oriole chicks

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OrioleBN-ch [SamLeow] a

“On 28th May 2017, a Sunday, time 9.15am, along Penang Road, I heard a bird soft ‘yappp’, ‘yappp’ sound from some trees beside a building. Looked up at the trees and noticed a very beautiful and adorable Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) perched on a palm frond about 10m above ground.

“There was another chick perched on another palm frond about 2m higher.

OrioleBN-ch [SamLeow]

“Both could have fallen from their nest and landed on the branches. One of the chicks made a softer sound compared to the other.

“At the same time there were two adult orioles flying around at a height of about 20 to 30m above ground making a lot of noise.

“The recording of the chick pictures and video took about 15 minutes. I left the site after 15 minutes and returned to find one chick left, sitting at the same spot making the same sound. Decided to leave the site hoping the adult orioles could encourage the chicks back to safety.”

Samantha Leow
31st May 2017

NOTE: The chicks possibly landed on the palm fronds during their first flight. The adults are around to encourage the newly fledged chicks to fly. Thanks to Sun Chong Hong’s comments.


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  1. Sun Chong Hong

    Judging from the plumage, I believe the chicks have fledged. See and

  2. Thanks Chong Hong.


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