Oriental White-eye nesting

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“In early Feb 2016, I observed a pair of Oriental White-Eyes (Zosterops palpebrosus) building a nest on a potted plant at my neighbour’s balcony (below). Both were involved in the nest building and subsequently, two eggs were laid, and the chicks fledged successfully in March.

WhiteEyeO-nesting [JaniceKuek] 2

“Photographs of the chicks are attached (below). The nest was built about 2.5 metres from the ground.

WhiteEyeO-nesting [JaniceKuek] 1

“Last week, I noticed a pair, presumably the same pair, flying near the plant and searching for the nest. Alas, the nest had been removed and discarded as soon as the chicks fledged.

“Today, I saw that the birds have been busy building a new nest. It’s possible that the Oriental White-Eyes, like the sunbirds, are starting to build their nests in close proximity to humans. And they like to go back to the same place to nest.

“The Olive-backed Sunbirds have been nesting more than 7 times on the same plant on my balcony since 2010.

“I managed to record the white-eye in action this afternoon, 12th May (video above).

WhiteEyeO-nesting [JaniceKuek] 3

“By 19th May the nest was more or less completed despite two thunderstorms this week. The birds are just doing final touches as of today (above, video below).

Janice Kuek
12-19th May 2016

  1. Melanie

    Hi there,
    A pair of oriental white eye have just started building their nest on my balcony. We live near to a large reserve with plenty of trees, but they have chosen to nest in a potted palm on our balcony! I would like the nest to be successful, but worry that I may disturb them if I go onto the balcony to hang washing etc. How nervous were the pair you observed?

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