“Every morning, the resident population of Glossy Swiftlets (Collocalia esculenta) in Malaysia’s Fraser’s Hill greets the dawn by emerging from their communal roost and circling around the treetops to stretch their wings and search for breakfast. A video clip of this routine warm-up flight on a misty morning may be previewed here:

“On the morning of 9th May 2015, we were thrilled to observe a Black-thighed Falconet (Microhierax fringillarius) having one of these swiftlets for its breakfast (top). Its helpless prey must have been plucked from the sky like a bolt from the blue. Thereafter, the swiftlet’s feathers were systematically plucked, exposing the fresh flesh. The falconet proceeded with its breakfast at a leisurely pace, taking a small mouthful of warm muscle with each nibble. A video clip of this little predator having its meal may be previewed here:”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming & Dr. Vilma D’Rozario
26th November 2015


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