Long-tailed Parakeet picking Alexandra Palm flowers

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One evening in May 2015 I noticed a single Long-tailed Parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) among the inflorescence branches of one of my Alexandra Palms (Ptycospermun macarthuri).

I did document a small flock of these noisy parakeets landing on the inflorescence and picking the female flowers way back in 2008 (see image above) and this LINK. But this time I caught a single parakeet on video (below) quietly scrambling all over the many branches of the inflorescence, sometimes using its curved bill to pull itself upwards. At the same time it was picking the female flowers one by one, manipulating each between its mandibles to discard the floral parts. Obviously it was after the flower nectar.

YC Wee
October 2015

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