Asian Koel Swallows Ceram Palm Fruits

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“YC noted that “Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea) is reputed to be able to swallow seeds larger that 18 mm diameter but I have yet to observe this bird eating these fruits [referring to Ceram Palm] that is 2 mm larger in diameter, besides being 35 mm long. No doubt it would be an interesting observation” LINK.

“I have now the observation that partially answers the comments. This morning at about 9 am, a male Asian Koel – a regular – came to visit the trees which I believe are Ceram Palms (left) One of the trees is full of ripe fruits. After swallowing 4 fruits the male Koel appeared to have its fill.

“I collected a few seeds from the ground for measurements (below). The largest sample is 29mm x 17mm while the smaller ones – the sizes I normally see for the trees here – have diameter of 16mm or less. In the afternoon I found a fruit which measures 35 mm x 20 mm. But this is an exception rather than the norm for those found here.

“An edited video of the Asian Koel taking the Ceram Palm fruits can be viewed above.”

Sun Chong Hong
6th October 2013

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