Grey-headed Fish-eagle mobbed by Osprey

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We received an account from Peter Teagle on the sighting of the Grey-headed Fish-eagle (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus) below:

“I have just got back from a trip to see family in Singapore where I encountered on two successive days (1st and 2nd Jan 2013) a Grey Headed Fish Eagle from the dam looking south across Lower Pierce Resevoir (top: image by Chan Yoke Meng). I have not lived in Singapore for some time, so I was not familiar with this eagle but the books say this is a rare bird, so I thought I should report it to someone. I took notes and can confirm i.d. though have no photographic evidence. It was mobbed by two Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) (below: image by KC Tsang), also seen on both days (as were two White Bellied Sea Eagles, so I was able to compare). Please let me know if I should send this sighting report elsewhere.”

Peter Teagle
January 2013
(Images by Chan Yoke Meng and KC Tsang)

(Note: A reply to Peter bounced. The e-mail address is apparently faulty. Should Peter reads this post or someone who knows of him, please keep him informed of this post.)

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