The tailorbirds return for the third time to nest

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Rekha Mathews from India posted an earlier account about a pair of tailorbirds nesting in her potted hydrangea plant in her courtyard. Unfortunately, when the chicks were 20 days old, the nest was attacked by a cat. None of the four survived the attack. She is sharing with us her joy when the pair returned to nest yet again in the same potted plant.

“We were so sad. To our surprise, the same birds built their nest for a third time on the same plant! (the first time was when the eggs were attacked by the cat before they could hatch).

“This is to let you know about something very interesting. Even though the eggs hatched in 10 days, we were still worried about the cats, but surprisingly, the chicks fledged in 14 days!

“We are thrilled that the babies survived. It is very satisfying to see them hopping on the branches of the tree. The size is same as the adults. The only difference is that the tails are very short and the legs are black for the kids.”


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