Lineated Barbet: Food for the chicks

There are a few barbet species that are insectivorous but many are frugivorous. Among the tropical Asian barbets, the degree of insectivory vary but most need to catch insects to feed their growing chicks. However, much needs to be known about diet.

This May 2009 documentation by Micky Lim a.k.a. limmick on the Lineated Barbet (Megalaima lineata) is thus an important record. It shows the barbet catching a praying mantis (above, below right) as well as collecting fruits (below left) to feed its young.

Lineated Barbets have been known to prey on lizards and tree frogs. They also eat bird’s eggs

Short, L. L. & J. F. M. Horne, 2001. Toucans, barbets and honeyguides: Ramphastidaer, Capitonidae and Indicatoridae. Oxford University Press. 526 pp.

This post is a cooperative effort between and BESG to bring the study of bird behaviour through photography to a wider audience.


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  1. Barbets are fascinating birds. I have been observing the coppersmiths and green barbets for some time now.


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