Red-legged Crake hit by a car

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“I was at Tyersall Road in April 2009 when I noticed a car ran over what I thought was a Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus)… near the entrance/exit bay of the Ginger Garden. I saw the poor bird struggled from afar, flapping its wing. Given the distance, I used my binoculars to see the victim. Already two other mynas came around to inspect. I thought the bird was decapitated as some trace of red was seen but couldn’t make out the bird.

“Eventually I got out of the car and walked the distance, saw a Red-legged Crake (Rallina fasciata) on the road, took a picture and walked away (above left). Someone coming by saw the bird, picked it up and placed it along the road side opposite, near the forested area. I decided to go back to see if it was doing ok (above right). There was the usual gathering of ants all over its body. I thought it was going to die and decided to bring it over the other side and leave it on the pavement.

“I called Angie living nearby to find out if she knew anyone who might be interested to nurse it. It looked “sleepy” and was struggling, perhaps had internal injury. While waiting for her arrival… saw it looking better and getting rid of the ants with it’s beak. I placed it in a flower pot I had in the car, poured water over it to get rid of the ants, also used tissue paper to wipe off the ants on the head (above left).

“While examining the crake, Angie said she will refer the injured bird to Joe Lim. The crake by then must have gained enough strength as it suddenly flew out of the pot to the nearby trees. Fortunately we were able to retrieve it. Under Joe’s care, the bird was able to stand up the next day, a good sign (above right)”

Angie Ng adds her take: “The bird you rescued is safe! The crake was put into a bird cage; it ignored all food and water, but managed to stand upright and slept through the night standing. It seemed tired and just wanted to close its eyes.

“This morning it seemed stronger – tried to struggle out of my hand when I changed the sheets. It is now with Joe Lim who will nurse it back to health before we release it back to the garden. Will be back with more news.”

Steven Chong.
April 2009


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  2. Seems like red-legged crakes are prone to being run over by vehicles. Fortunately, there are kind souls who care enough to resue and nurse them back for survival.

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