Why only juvenile Tiger Shrikes arrive in Singapore?

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KC Tsang sent this comment on 2nd October 2008: “This was the first time that I have seen an adult male Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus) on 28/08/2008, and this was in nearby Panti Forest, Johor (left top). However on the 
other side of Panti, which is the Kota Tinggi waterfall side, the three were all 

“On 01/09/2008, yesterday, the one at Singapore’s Japanese Gardens was also a juvenile.
 On 02/09/2008, at Venus Drive (left bottom), the bird was also a juvenile. 

So waiting to see if anyone of us here would be able to spot, or take
 a picture of an adult Tiger Shrike in Singapore.

Tiger Shrike is a winter visitor to Singapore, arriving from as early as 3rd August and as late as 30th April. So far, only juveniles have been encountered. Over in Johor, Malaysia, adult Tiger Shrikes have been seen.

Birders are always wondering how come adults do not reach Singapore?


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  1. Out of curiosity is a similar age pattern shown by Brown Shrikes in Singapore? When I was last over (Nov 5th) I saw an adult female BS, but a sample of just one is hardly enough to draw any conclusions from!

  2. It is not true that adult Tiger Shrikes do not reach Singapore! We do observe a few adults each winter. However, there are far more juveniles than adults.

    Many adults tend to either arrive early in the season or fly stright through. We also encounter adults in spring, when they are on their way back. It is also possible that adults take up winter territories further north while juveniles are forced to migrate further….but this needs to be proven.

    There definitely seem to be more adult Brown Shrikes than Tigers each year.

    There are also far more immature or female Yellow-rumped and Mugimaki Flycatchers and Siberian Blue Robins each year than adult males! Many male Blue Robins do migrate through early.

  3. Brandon Chia

    Hm… I’ve saw a juv Tiger Shrike at Sungei Buloh. I saw it on aug 08.

  4. Tou Jing Yi

    There is a potential that juveniles tends to be more bold and adults more wary and shy, it is also seemingly that adults Tiger Shrikes are more likely reported inside forested areas but Tiger shrike come to forest edges and even adjacent open areas and gardens pretty often!! I have never saw an adult as well but once possibly an adult near my house, only saw a grey cap of a bird on top of the tree beside some small ex-mining ponds, no dense forest nearby and failed to see the whole bird, adult Tiger Shrike has always been my guess but it could turn out to be a “lucionensis” Brown Shrike, since the area is too open and even juvenile Tiger Shrikes are never seen there, but brown shrikes are very regular. Juvenile tiger shrikes near my house are tend to be found adjacent to well wooded areas.

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