K Wong
on 18th February 2023

During this trip I was fortunate to meet about 27 interesting bird species, some commonly seen, some rarely seen. The birds were seen in the vicinity of Warrnambool, Port Fairy […]

LW Teo
on 15th January 2023

Wong Kais explored Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia from 25/10/2022 to 8/11/2022.  Warrnambool is a city along the Great Ocean Road, sandwiched between the famous towns of Port Fairy and Port Campbell.  […]

LW Teo
on 4th May 2022

Family: Varanidae The lace monitor, Varanus varius, is native to Australia and found in Queensland, down to New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Their closest relative is the Komodo […]

LW Teo
on 21st March 2022

The Harlequin Red Bug Dindymus versicolor is a Hemipteran (true bug) in the Pyrrhocoridae family. It is also known as the cotton stainer bug and native to Tasmania and South-East Australia: […]

LW Teo
on 22nd January 2022

      Fulica atra, the Eurasian coot, are birds which belong to the Family Rallidae. The coots are conspicuous in their range, unlike their cousins (rails, crakes and moorhens) […]


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