New Food Item for the Ruby-cheeked Sunbird Chalcoparia singalensis

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Wells (2007) indicates that in Peninsula Malaysia direct evidence of the Ruby-cheeked Sunbird Chalcoparia singalensis feeding on nectar is lacking and suggests that they eat mainly arthropods and insects. Cheke & Mann (2001) state that apart from insects and caterpillars they also feed … Continued

Nest building by Purple-naped Spiderhunter Kurochkinegramma hypogrammicum nuchale

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I had an opportunity to observe the nest building of the Purple-naped Spiderhunter Kurochkinegramma hypogrammicum nuchale on 1st May 2023 at a forest site on the outskirts of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. I have intentionally kept details to a minimum to protect the … Continued

Juvenile Scaly-breasted Bulbul Rubigula squamata and Prey

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There have been limited observations and image documentation of juvenile Scaly-breasted Bulbuls (Rubigula squamata). Wells (2007) quotes one observation from SUARENG in 2004 and states “In the field, upper breast smudgy black, lower breast plain white; no other details on … Continued

Montane Birds that Visit the Lowlands

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    There are some montane species that often visit the lowlands, flying long distances to feed at fruiting trees. Two that I am familiar with are the Mountain Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula badia) and the Little Cuckoo-Dove (Macropygia ruficeps). I saw … Continued