Asian Koel and Javan Myna

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On the afternoon of 3rd February 2007, I was alerted by the shrill call of a bird outside my windows. Curious, I went out into the garden to investigate. There, perching on a branch of a Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus) … Continued

Eagle attacking Kite’s nest

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In November 2006 Allan Teo, together with other photographers, were at Changi, when suddenly, there appeared a large eagle that hopped on to the ground nearby. As Allan continues, “It was a sudden surprise encounter that froze all the photographers. … Continued

Great and Rhinoceros Hornbills: One year on

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This account has now been published as: Y. M. Chan, M. Chan and Y. C. Wee (2008). Aberrant behaviour of a female Great Hornbill and a female Rhinoceros Hornbill. Nature in Singapore. 1:31–34. A PDF copy is available HERE. ———————————————————————————————————————— … Continued

Joseph M Forshaw

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Joseph M. Forshaw, one of Australia’s foremost ornithologists and a world renown expert on parrots, was in town last month on a private visit. While here, he had time to go bird watch and meet up with old birding friends. … Continued

Oriental Pied Hornbill – breeding

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There are slightly more than a dozen Oriental Pied Hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris) in Singapore’s offshore island of Pulau Ubin. There they breed regularly, nesting in cavities found high up along the trunks of old trees. Prior to breeding, a pair … Continued

Raining feathers

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Sometime in November 2006, KC Tsang posted the image on the left (top) and noted, “We need a forensic expert here to find out who was the victim of this very explosive feeding frenzy. And who is the possible perpetrator … Continued

Pigeons, doves and crop milk

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Pigeons and doves, belonging to the family Columbidae, are either grainvorous or frugivorous, eating seeds or fruits respectively. This does not mean that these birds eat exclusively seeds and fruits. Many also eat invertebrates, especially insects, worms and snails. However, … Continued