Oriental White-eye: Feeding the chicks

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Most birds feed their chicks with animal food during the few days after hatching, even those birds that feed mainly on fruits and grains. The Oriental White-eye (Zosterops palpebrosus) is no exception. This bird feeds on insects, fruits and nectar … Continued

Adult koel feeding a juvenile

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The Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea) is a brood parasite. In Singapore the bird lays its eggs in the nest of the House Crow (Corvus splendens). In India it parasitises the nest of the House Crow as well as that of … Continued

Javan Myna – gecko

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On the morning of 15th April 2005 at about 7.40 am, as I opened my bedroom window, there was a sudden flutter of wings and something collided with the window. Thinking it was a bird-reflection affair, I drew the curtain … Continued

Yellow-vented Bulbul feeding snails to chick

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Photographer Wee Hiang Her captured a couple of shots of a Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier) feeding its chick with a batch of tiny snails and published the images in Avian Watch Asia’s website (left). These freshwater or terrestrial molluscs, probably … Continued