Forensic birding: Cinnamomum iners

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In February and March 2006 I found many seeds scattered along my driveway (left top). The ones I recognised were palm seeds – MacArthur (Ptychosperma macarthurii) and Alexandra (Archontophoenix alexandrae). The seeds were clean and devoid of their outer fleshy … Continued

Birds and centipedes

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Terrestrial or land invertebrates (animals without backbones) are favourite food for many birds. Insects and spiders are regularly taken, as well as molluscs. Centipedes are also food for birds, especially the smaller species. Larger tropical centipedes are another matter (above). … Continued

BESG weblog logs 100,000 visitors

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The Bird Ecology Study Group weblog logs 100,000 hits today. We started blogging exactly two years ago. The growth in readership during the first year was slow but steady. It was during the latter part of the second year that … Continued

Pacific Swallow: Nesting

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In the Urban Forest blog, Siyang relates his encounter with a Pacific Swallow’s (Hirundo tahitica) nest complete with three chicks. The nest was plastered to a wall in a lonely corner of the National University of Singapore’s Kent Ridge campus … Continued