Birds mobbing snakes

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Birders are familiar with the mobbing behaviour of birds, especially when it is directed at raptors and owls (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). However, they are less familiar with birds mobbing non-avian predators. There are enough reports in the avian … Continued

Heliconias and sunbirds

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Heliconias (Heliconia spp.) are native to Central and South America and some islands of the South Pacific. Because they bear large, colorful and conspicuous flowering branches in various sizes, shapes and designs, they are favourite garden plants throughout the tropics … Continued

Caterpillars: Food for birds

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Birds love caterpillars. They are full of goodies and excellent growth food for their chicks. A recent documentation showed the food brought to chicks of the Oriental White-eye (Zosterops palpebrosus) to be mostly caterpillars. Large, juicy caterpillars are eaten after … Continued

Trapping birds with birdlime

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Trapping birds using birdlime is a worldwide problem. Birdlime is a sticky substance made from plant materials. Different countries use different materials and methods of preparation. The birdlime is smeared along a branch that is then placed in a suitable … Continued

A “Japy-Romano” avian bath

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In the northern Yamanouchi prefecture of Japan, Japanese macaques are known to winter dip in hot springs near Nagano. They were first discovered in the 1960’s and soon these species of macaques (Macaca fuscata) became famously known as the ‘Japanese … Continued

Sleeping Banded Pitta

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Dr Chua Ee Kiam has generously agreed to share his image of a sleeping Banded Pitta (Pitta guajana) that he encountered in Danum Valley in Sabah, Malaysia recently (left). Dr Chua recounts: “A Banded Pitta was peacefully asleep with its … Continued