Roosting of Savanna Nightjar

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On the morning of 22nd August 2009, Chris Lee a.k.a. chrisle023 came across about 20 Savanna Nightjars (Caprimulgus affinis) roosting on the ground of a scrub area in Singapore. Unfortunately the area has now been developed into a race track … Continued

Savanna Nightjar – feet

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Calvin Chang managed to photograph a Savanna Nightjar (Caprimulgus affinis) not in its usual pose, but standing. Most photographs of nightjars show the birds sitting on the ground or on a branch. When on a branch, the bird perches sideways, … Continued

Nesting of the Savanna Nightjar

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Ng Kiah Hwa a.k.a. hawkeyes photographed the Savanna Nightjar (Caprimulgus affinis) nesting in Malaysia in March 2009. There were two eggs in the simple scrape of a nest, one of which had hatched (left). The parents were nowhere to be … Continued