Song of the Silver-eared Mesia

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At an altitude of 1,800m in the Cameron Highland’s Gunung Brinchang in Malaysia, the Silver-eared Mesias (Leiothrix argentauris tahanensis) are commonly seen and heard (left: adult female). These are highly social birds, often gathering in groups to sing their songs. … Continued

Documenting bird calls and songs

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Many local birdwatchers are able to recognise the birds behind the songs. However, interest in most cases ends there except for a few who make basic recordings. Erik Mobrand posted the first account on vocalisation as far back as October … Continued

Pied Fantail: Call and behaviour

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“I would like to post a behaviour we have recently observed but with audio recordings rather than visual… “Pied Fantails (Rhipidura javanica longicaudata) have ‘owned’ our garden for many years and are one of the commonest birds we interact with … Continued

Rufous Piculet drumming

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Danny Lau came across a pair of Rufous Piculet (Sasia abnormis) in the Panti forest in Johor, Malaysia towards the end of February 2010. He managed to video the male drumming on a rattan palm. The male Rufous Piculet has … Continued

Asian Koel in confrontation

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On numerous occasions Lena Chow observed two male Asian Koels (Eudynamys scolopacea) in a “standoff” – eyeballing each other for long periods, and making soft “wook wook” calls, unlike their usual loud “ko-el” calls. On one occasion she saw three … Continued

Little Pied Flycatcher’s call

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Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS was at 1,600m ASL in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia on 27th January 2010 when he encountered a Little Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula westermanni westermanni). “This male alerted me to his presence in dense primary jungle by a repetitive … Continued