Hill Myna vocalisation

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At about 6.40 am on 4th June 2010, I was awaken by the loud shrill whistle of a pair of Hill Mynas (Gracula religiosa). For the next 15 minutes or so I enjoyed the mixture of sounds that included the … Continued

Common Tailorbird singing

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“The Common Tailorbird is an elusive garden bird, often heard but difficult to see. I heard this bird singing in clumps of yellow cane palm (Dypsis lutescens) at one corner of my Condominium yesterday morning. I pointed my camera towards … Continued

Calls of the Grey-headed Fish Eagle

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The Grey-headed Fish Eagle’s (Icthyophaga ichthyaetus) global status is “near threatened”. Wells (1999) estimates that there may be about 40 pairs in the Thai-Malay Peninsula. “They can be differentiated from the Lesser Fish Eagle (Ichthyophaga humilis) by the broad black … Continued

Call of the Fluffy-backed Tit Babbler

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“I heard a loud ‘argument’ going on in a dense bush and decided to watch quietly. It was a verbal battle between a pair of Fluffy-backed Tit Babblers (Macronous ptilosus ptilosus) and a pair of Stripe-throated Bulbuls (Pycnonotus finlaysoni finlaysoni). … Continued

A distressed Black-naped Oriole

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“Saw two Black-naped Orioles (Oriolus chinensis maculates) in distress high in a Rain Tree (Samanea saman), both calling out loudly (left). One circling the tree. “Thought they were in conflict (seen this occasionally in our garden). But as I continued … Continued

Calls of the Common Hill-myna

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“Common Hill-mynas (Gracula religiosa religiosa) have become very uncommon over the past 30 years due to trapping for their ability to mimic calls and human words. As a child I used to see them more often. “I have seen them … Continued